Inside Helen's Studio


Living in a household with two boys and my husband, my studio is not just a place to paint but a space of my own where I can relax and surround myself with nice things that I couldn’t normally have around a three and a seven year old! I am lucky to have this space in my garden so I am able to be on call if anyone needs me. Up until about six months ago I was trying to work in the house which was slowing driving us all mad with paints and wet paintings everywhere, and more often than not pictures ended up with little hand prints on them.

I collect items and images that interest me from a beautifully coloured pebble to a postcard of an artist’s work, photos of subjects I am painting as well as pictures I am working on and those that are completed, just in case I notice something that needs to be changed.  My studio is where I can allow my work to develop giving me the space to carry out all the processes involved in creative my paintings. It is also a light and airy place where I can invite clients to discuss their requirements and so they can view my work in person.